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Camersoft Webcam Recorder 3.1.08

2-11-2012, 10:47Software (Author: pleasacptimvol)

Camersoft Webcam Recorder v3.1.08 | 10.6 MB

Camersoft Webcam Recorder is powerful and professional webcam capture software, which could record webcam video into AVI files and you could play them on your PC with Windows Media Player or other video player tools whenever you want. This webcam recorder works like a DV or VCR to record videos for you, only a webcam (could support internal camera, USB webcam, or other cam devices) connected to your PC is needed. Features...

Webcam Surveillance Monitor v2.2 build 20100501

1-11-2012, 13:31Software (Author: nitickpentbi)

Webcam Surveillance Monitor v2.2 build 20100501

Webcam Surveillance Monitor v2.2 build 20100501 | 3.04 Mb

Webcam Surveillance Monitor is an advanced video surveillance software. Users can effortlessly monitor home, office, cradle, parking area, storehouse, UFO or any other premises 24-hours a day. Timestamped image recording let users capture details of events precisely when they happen....

Arcsoft WebCam Companion

2-11-2012, 00:53Software (Author: anpoilo)

Arcsoft WebCam Companion

Arcsoft WebCam Companion Multilingual | 91.2 MB

Digital video cameras have become common in households today. As a result, a plethora of video capture and editing software has been made available for users to edit and create home movies....

MoCap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture

17-11-2012, 23:34E-books (Author: nerfhertthurs)

MoCap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture

MoCap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture...

webcam 7 Pro v. Multilang

1-11-2012, 11:25Software (Author: resgodevel)

webcam 7 Pro v. Multilang

Windows Software | webcam 7 | 9.11 MB

webcam is one of the most popular webcam software for private and professional use. It offers unique features and unequaled ease of use to let you broadcast / manage your video sources or secure your company with up to 10 video sources per computer. ...

SECuRET SpyCam 1.6.2 (v1.6.2) Android Apk App

1-11-2012, 12:39Mobile (Author: denmafacphi)

SECuRET SpyCam 1.6.2 (v1.6.2) Android Apk App

SECuRET SpyCam 1.6.2 (v1.6.2) Android Apk App | 1.19 MB
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Turn your phone into the ultimate motion triggered SpyCam!

AV Webcam Morpher Pro 2.0.51

27-11-2012, 11:46Software (Author: pentauro)

AV Webcam Morpher Pro 2.0.51 | 16 MB

WebCam Morpher 2.0 is a fun software program that allows users to be creative in online activities by altering and controlling your webcam output in real time. You can control your image, voice, and background image, as well as apply audio and video effects to the webcam presentation. You can capture both outgoing and incoming webcam images, and easily share them with friends and others. Users don't even have to own a webcam; the program will simulate a webcam broadcast for you through nickfaces. Nickfaces are controlled by a popup panel to control gestures and expressions, giving the appearance of normal webcam motion. You can create your own nickfaces or use pre-made nickfaces (available on the website) to change your online appearance; instantly become Jack Sparrow, The Joker, even president Obama (NEW). Background images can be changed in real time by using one of several preset images or by using your own prepared images (NEW). WebCam Morpher 2.0 works well with many Video Instant Messenger applications like Yahoo Messenger with Voice, Skype, Camfrog, PalTalk Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc. WebCam Morpher has two editions: the Free edition and the Pro one. The free edition has basic functions and is limited on two nickfaces, the Pro edition has full functions with several seasonal and personality nickfaces....


28-11-2012, 09:59Software (Author: kangararegusu)


ManyCam|10.04 Mb

ManyCam is live studio & webcam effects software. You can use your webcam with multiple chat applications at the same time, add webcam effects, use live audio and voice changer, draw over your video window and more....

Replay Media Catcher 3.02

2-11-2012, 10:19Software (Author: etinsum)

Replay Media Catcher 3.02

If you can Watch it, you can Record it with Replay Video Capture!

Replay Video Capture is the best way to make production quality videos from hard-to-record sources, including:

Video Capture Master v8.1.0.18 WinAll-LAXiTY

2-11-2012, 09:51Software (Author: iltizystma)

Video Capture Master v8.1.0.18 WinAll-LAXiTY

Video Capture Master v8.1.0.18 WinAll-LAXiTY
| 1 File | 37.21 MB Rar | Hot File | File Serve |

Video Capture Master is an application designed to suit your needs for grabbing real-time video or image. With it you can effortlessly record video and image from Webcam, TV Tuner card, digital video, digital camera and other capture devices in real time....

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